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October 9th, 2017 - MMO Slayers...Welcome to all!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to All those in Canada!!

As always we are looking for new join us if you want!
Don't forget to check out UPM Gaming on You Tube!
News Feed... September 28th, 2017:
We've got so many updates you couldn't shake a stick at them if you tried!!!
First up is much new material from UPM Gaming, which is done by our member Vannden the Stormy Bard.  He has a heap of new adventures in the doomed lands of Farwinds (our NTR server for MineCraft).

Check out new content starting on
UPM Gaming blog available HERE!
Also a NEW SHINY - Weekly RUST Update!
From Shadowfrax...for Oct 6th, 2017...

New...Workbench teirs and blueprints, work is done on Snow Biom updated, new road system, more bus stops, better river drinking, Scientist can now fight animals, and much more as well as other performance tweaks!
For more on RUST updates check out the devblog or Rustified site.

Also, we have our own RUST server, it is early days so more info to follow.  The server is called |Canada| Epic Legion  and is a 100 slots,  all will be welcome.  Maybe we can even get some videos from the Stormy Bard himself...maybe!?!

MineCraft 2017 [Official Pixel Slayers/MMO Slayers Minecraft servers]

Sept 1st, 2017 - Server Updates for Minecraft

Updated...Teamcanuck has released Act VI for Farwinds, leading us closer to it's eventual DOOM.  There has been a lot of building going on on Aurora but still not open to the public.
June 11th marked our 6th Anniversary of Too Many Mooshrooms and Nova Tassa!

Join Pixel Slayers on FACEBOOK!

Farwinds [Nova Tassa Realms], Aurora [Pixel Slayers - BETA], and Ashenfell [Army of Anyone II] all on Tekkit Launcher, are "ONLINE"! See the forums for the full story.

Discord Link:

Minecraft Server news...
Farwinds - Story is ending and the server is being moved from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2 within the next 3-6 months.
Talos - Is one was using it so it has been shelved.
Ashenfell - new updates and some hardware updates as well.
Aurora - still in BETA.  More coming soon!

Contact Vannden the Stormy Bard to get Whitelisted for the Minecraft Servers.

June 11th, 2016 - Happy 5th Anniversary Too Many Mooshrooms and Nova Tassa!



As always ...Please feel free to discuss whatever you wish.  Also if all members could please check out the Compendium of MMO Slayers section (new) in the Member's area and add your own characters in a post so we know who they are.  As well, please join us in our in game guilds.  Our guilds are meant to be fun, and no pressure.  We just want to play our games, have fun and build our guilds with all our MMO Slayers members.  Thanks!

We have clans in such games as RUST, and Miscreated as well as
Some MMO's played: World of Warcraft, Wildstar, TERA, AION, ESO, SWTOR, GW2, FFXIV, RIFT, DEFIANCE, and NEVERWINTER.

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A couple of things you can try before you begin your adventure are listed below...


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